Introducing Fairy Wizards NFT

5,000 unique characters taking over the metaverse.

Fairy Wizards is a limited collection of 5,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made up of a unique combination of traits including outfits, wings, eyewear, spells, hats and more. There are over 200 traits.

There are no white list or presale price. Buying a Fairy Wizard costs 0.05 ETH on polygon blockchain with 0 gas fee. The collection is available on opensea.

Holding a Fairy Wizard NFT makes you a member of the Fairy Wizard Gang. A new NFT community to build, collaborate and grow together. Each Fairy Wizard will allow its owner to vote for experiences and decide together the future of the community.
We are just getting started, we’ve got a long way to go!

I. The first 500 Fairy Wizards are available on opensea. The community starts on twitter and instagram.
II. NFT Giveaways to HODLERS for every 500 Fairy Wizards.
III. 50% of the secondary market will go to the community. It will be use in giveaways to holders and improvements for the community.
IV. Major website update. Magic Treehouse Grand Opening (NFT Based Community).
V. You can get your Fairy Wizard printed and framed. More merch on development.
VI. Collaborations with artists and brands.



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Fairy Wizards | Limited collection of 5,000 unique characters taking over the metaverse.